Simple lemon water getting rid of that extra weight !

Here is how lemon water can help you to lose water


Lemon water is a very good low-calorie beverage to substitute the colas and orange juice with.

lemon water

If you are looking for cutting off some calories from your diet without you having a very boring diet.

A glass of lemon water has roughly about 6 calories.

And lemon water can be enjoyed when cold, cool or warm(as tea).

Among the benefits that lemon water has today, we are going to concentrate on its aid on weight loss.

Lemon water makes one feel filled up

The advantage of this is that it will reduce the number of calories that one will intake.

This is because the brain we make you feel hungry.

Not as a result of the food in your stomach depleting, but because that in your stomach has depleted.

Therefore, if the stomach is filled up the brain will refrain from telling you that you are hungry.

And normally under these conditions, you would not eat anything.


Lemon water can increase the body’s metabolism

Drinking lemon water will result in what is called thermogenesis.

This is a condition whereby the body’s rate of burning calories will roughly increase by 24% from drinking water.

So this is a way of burning calories without you even lifting a finger.


Lemon water  reduces calorie intakelemon water

Drinking lemon water about 30 mins before the main meal may result in a decrease in the amount of calorie intake.

The reason for this is that lemon water makes you feel full.

Thus drinking it before eating will make you fill up your stomach quickly.

Hence it reduces the amount of food you actually intake.

This as simple it reduces the number of calories you take.

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 Drinking cold lemon  water will result in an increase  calorie burn

The reason why drinking cold lemon water can result in increase In calorie burning is that.

For the body to start digesting any food you feed it with, it first needs to warm up the food to body temperature.

Therefore for this food to be warmed up, energy need s to use. the energy comes from ?…. yes calories.

Hence, calories are burnt to process this food since lemon water has a very low amount of calories.

The body will burn more calories gaining less.

And this is how you end up losing weight by just drinking cold lemon water.


Yes, lemon water has a lot of benefits to the body.

But to make things clear it is not the lemon in the lemon water that leads to weight loss, but the water in the lemon water.

Lemons do not have any weight losing properties.

Hence it’s the water that induces the weight loss.

That’s what we have been explaining above.

A person is supposed to drink water amounting to 2 liters to see any significant weight loss.

Consequently, drinking water blended up with other low-calorie foods will make it easier to drink more than 2 liters without one noticing.

This is where lemon water comes in handy.

Mixing lemon water with cayenne pepper will lead to an increase in body metabolism.lemon water

Note that the weight loss from drinking water alone is not that significant over a reasonably short space of time for anybody changes that one can aim for.

But weight can be lost faster than one can ever think when water is coupled with the right supplements and an active lifestyle.




Simple lemon water getting rid of that extra weight !
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Simple lemon water getting rid of that extra weight !
This article shows you how you can incorporate lemon water into your diet so that you can lose some of that extra weight you might be trying to get rid of.
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