Water is life and here are simple and easy steps to follow too use it to get rid of some ponds of weight

This is why a common liquid water causes weight loss.Use it to your advantage!!!!

Water has so many functions on and to the body, it can give you the smoothest skin erasing wrinkles, help with hangovers.Today we are not going to focus on how the same water can help you lose a lot of weight without too much effort. Water causes weight loss !! if used wisely though.


water causes weight loss

Here is how it helps you shed off weight

  • Drinking water can reduce the amount of calorie intake that one can get resulting in calorie intake

Drinking water makes one feel full.

So since our urge to it is based on our body feeling that our stomachs are empty rather than there is no more food to use.

if one stomach is felt up it’s highly likely that the person will take in less food (unless that person is a very serious foody ).

Since this reduces the calorie intake that one will have.

It leads to a reduction in weight gain supporting the fact that water causes weight loss.


  • Does water helps in increasing the number of calories burnt by the body

water causes weight loss

This is because every time you drink or eat something the body has to burn some calories in order to process the food you have taken in.

Since we all know (from the early grades at school) that water has no calories no nutrients at all.

The body will do some work absorbing the water into the body.

Since the water has no calories the body will be in the negative when this process happens.

In the end, you will burn more calories whilst you are gaining nothing.

And wallaa!!!  that’s how water causes weight loss in your body.

It’s magic right .!!



water reduces appetite

Taking water before plays around with appetite.

Drinking water about 30 mins before eating main meals has proven to reduce one’s appetite.

This then leads to less food intake which amounts to less calorie intake.

It’s a no-brainer then that this how water causes weight loss especially when its coupled with an active lifestyle.

  • Cold water the body 1st warm sit up to body temperature increasing calories being burnt

water causes weight loss

Drinking cold water is good for weight loss.

You might ask why.

When you eat or drink anything cold the body first warms it up to body temperature.

And the heat comes from…..?

Yes, you guessed right, it’s from calorie burn.

For those who don’t know calorie burn will result in weight loss.

So since drinking cold water will lead to calorie burn shall we go out there and drink cold water?.Hell to the yeah.

And that’s another simple and effective way water causes weight loss.

  • The liver being linked to water intake to do its job more effectively

Now let’s do biology.

The kidney is the main toxic screener in our body.

It removes toxins from our body and they come out as urine.

for this to happen efficiently there must be water present.

If there is not enough water the kidney will turn to become inefficient and the job I then handed over to the liver.

The liver does a tone of work so adding another to it will also reduce its efficiency In calorie burning.

These unburnt calories will then be stored as fat and before you know it.

You are gaining weight!!!!!!.

That should give you chills.

  • Water weight, reducing water retention of the body

Our body is an always in saving mode.

Every nutrient it gates it tries to hold it until its needed to be used.

A healthy human being can go for about 8~10 days without water.

But that same can go for about 2.5 weeks without food.

With that said our body constantly saves water in our body.

This water will have a portion of your weight that you see on the scale that we refer to as water weight.

So if you start to constantly feed the body with water all of it won’t be saved.

In fact, the amount of water saved by the body will reduce.

This is because the body will know that it will receive water constantly so there will be no need of saving a huge amount of it.

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  • Water-Induced Thermogenesis

A study was done by some Germain scientist and published their article “ Water-Induced Thermogenesis Reconsidered: The Effects of Osmolality and Water Temperature on Energy Expenditure after Drinking”.

A study has shown that f one drinks water the metabolism rate just shoots up by about 24%.that means if you drink water you will burn calories(fat) 24% faster than if you didn’t drink water.

This shows that just drinking water is a way of just burning some extra calories without you even doing a workout.

One of the facts supporting that water causes weight loss.

So how much water should l take?

water causes weight loss

Without work out the amount, one should take should be hovering around 2 liters ( 8 glasses ) of water.

But we think that a person around here has an active lifestyle since we want to lose weight we ought to have some sort of active lifestyle ( work out ) program.

Therefore on those days where you have a work out add another liter making it a total of 3 litters because the other litter you are going to use it during sweating and perspiration during your workout.


So there you go people water has great weight-reducing qualities which when coupled with a very good weight loss supplement can get you the results you are looking for quickly.

Water is life and here are simple and easy steps to follow too use it to get rid of some ponds of weight
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Water is life and here are simple and easy steps to follow too use it to get rid of some ponds of weight
Water causes weight loss !! if used wisely though.In this article, we show simple tricks to use to get rid of some extra pounds of fat you might be trying to get rid of
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